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Tomato Ideas....
Tomatoey Beans .... Cheesy Beans
To a tin of baked beans, add tomatoes - fresh and chopped, or from a tin of plum tomatoes, or homemade tomato sauce or even a squirt of tomato ketchup. Simple!
Or just add a little grated cheese to hot baked beans.... ooooh!
Sizzled Cherry Tomatoes
Heat a little olive oil in a pan, throw in some whole cherry tomatoes. Add a generous amount of balsamic vinegar, a little sugar, salt and freshly ground black pepper. Cook on a high heat for about 5 minutes so that the vinegar goes thick and sticky. Serve with a little shredded basil.
Fresh Tomato Sauce
First skin some ripe tomatoes - cut a cross on the bottom (non-stalk) end then plunge the tomatoes in boiling water for one minute. Remove, cool in some cold water until you can handle it then peel off the skin. Cut the tomato into 4 and cut out the middle including the seeds (discard the hard core bit). In a large saucepan, fry a chopped onion in a tbsp of olive oil for a few minutes then add the middles and seeds along with a carton of passata, a fresh finely chopped red chilli if you like, a crushed garlic clove, a teaspoon of sugar and salt and pepper. When it's simmered for 5 minutes or so, whizz it with a stick blender, then add the fresh tomato flesh, cut into smaller pieces if you like. Very healthy! This sauce can be used in a hundred ways, such as with tortelloni or spaghetti, as a vegetable accompaniment, or in lasagne, or whizzed again with a dollop of cream to make tomato soup.