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I love food - I enjoy eating it and cooking it. Being vegetarian for around 25 years has made me seek out ideas beyond the meat-and-2-veg. I have collected hundreds of recipe books and magazines and tried many of their recipes, settling on a favoured few that are made again and again (although never exactly the same dish twice!). Here are a few of them.
Delia Smith's Vegetarian Collection
Recommended Vegetarian Recipe Books
Vegetarian Classics
 The Essential Vegetarian Cookbook
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My three favourites, regularly used.
Cheese & Garlic Pâté
Favourite Vegetarian Recipes
Glamorgan Sausages
Macaroni Cheese
Courgette & Potato Cakes with Feta
Aubergine & Mozzarella Rolls
Cheesy Bread Pudding
Chilli Non Carne
Shepherdess Pie
Rocamadour Pies
Italian Bean Casserole
Cheesy Potato Pies
Mushroom Risotto
Spinach, Feta & Pine-nut Pastries
Mushroom & Cheese Tarte
Potato ideas
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Tomato ideas
Marinated Buffalo Mozzarella
Carrot Cake
Parmesan Biscuits
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Apple, raspberry & almond crumble tart
Chocolate and Raspberry Brownies
Champion Cheese Muffins
Gratin Dauphinois
Express Cheese Pudding