There are some very posh shops here - in this window is the most expensive handbag I've ever seen, from Jean-Paul Gaultier, a snip at 960 euros!
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4th April 2007
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Anyone who likes shopping, mooching through clothes shops, gazing in windows full of shoes, marvelling at gorgeous lingerie, Limoges is a treasure. Makes me wish I were thinner and wealthier - the clothes are fantastic. Small and unique shops tucked into ancient buildings, alleyways leading to a medieval courtyard, establishment buildings behind grand architecture, museums and restaurants aplenty, there's lots to look at in this city.
In the old market hall we can't resist buying some of the produce arranged as if for a huge still-life painting, every morsel at the peak of perfection.
We were in Limoges for an eye check up and took the chance to do some shopping in the city, and treat ourselves to lunch out.
As we went into the crÍperie a light snow started to flutter about. Wandering around the streets waiting for the shops to re-open after the traditionally long French lunch break
was a chilly experience. Then in the fabric shop I lost two hours but gained armfuls of fabrics at bargain prices in the sale. Very satisfying.

Driving out of the city the snow started to fall thicker and faster. Soon it was a blizzard, great fluffy flakes swirling. Gradually it lessened until we drove north out of the snow zone. A few kilometers further on, you'd never believe it was white-out behind you.
"Poisson d'Avril" is what we know as April's Fool day. That explains why every chocolate shop here displays amazing seafood fashioned out of the yummy stuff. Any excuse for a choc-fest, eh?
Fish of April