Friday evening took us to Gavin and Maureen's new home here in the village, to share an apéro and nibbles with neighbours and friends, French and English. We functioned as translators, making us realise how far we've come with the language in the last couple of years. It was an interesting and varied mix of people, sharing much conversation, laughter and beverage!
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20th March 2007
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Barn Re-Born
The repairs to the barn wall are finished. We know this by the breakfast-time arrival of the moustache, followed closely by its owner Monsieur Nicolas, bearing the final invoice. The men have done a good job, so we pay up. It looks incongruous, the new straight pristine wall on top of the 180-year-old rough stone barn, but a dash of weather will soon merge the two parts. The main thing is that it's safe and sound. The insurance assessor however, has still not made his report, so the big hole is now in our pockets rather than the wall.
This morning, EDF returned and reconnected the electricity cable; normal service is resumed.
We finally got round to putting up some fencing .... filling in the gaps between the two chunky gateposts and roadside hedge.
Fencing Practice
Now we're sheep-proof!
We also filled in the gaps either side of the gate between gîte and garden.
Nice detail at the corner-stones