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13th March 2007
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Tea is for Terrace
OK, so we haven't quite finished the DIY... Unbelievably almost a year ago the terrassier advised us to leave the ground around the house to settle before laying terraces. The plan was always to have paving in front of the french window and front door, another terrace at the back outside the dining room and a small terrace outside the french doors of our bedroom, for that early cup of tea in the sunshine. So now is the time, and out comes the cement mixer, again. Tony measures up, makes the frame, mixes the concrete and there's the base done.
Barbeque base
While the ugly brute is out (the cement mixer, of course!) Tony also made a little concrete base for our impulse-purchase special-offer cast- concrete barbeque - I've always wanted one of these! We decided to site it by the gte for the use of guests while they're staying here, or by us when they're not.
A few days later I'm down on my knees again, laying tiles that were left over from the gte terrace. A nice little table and chairs set, special purchase from Champion, completes the setting. With excellent timing, we enjoy a spell of wonderful weather - the French call it 'le petit t', the little summer, which reminds us of why we love this place. This terrace has opened up another part of the garden to us, facing south-east, overlooking vibrant green fields, under clear bright blue skies.

Julien the local retired farmer warns us 'winter's not over yet!' but we'll enjoy this while we can.
The barbeque constructed, ready for action.