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3rd March 2007
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Gable Mend
In spite of wet, wet, wet weather last week, the barn wall has been rebuilt. The lintel they'd cast across the top of the old wall made a good level strong surface and the blocks went up quickly. They're aligned with the outside of the old wall, and since the blocks are only 20cm wide, that leaves us with a shelf on the inside from front to back of the barn.
They've left a few 'feature' rocks sticking out where they used to tie in with the old, thicker wall, and made a good tidy job of connecting new to old in the corners. And we now have more storage space on the handy shelf, thanks to modern materials.
The central roof timber has been reinforced with a short new beam, and these and the other two horizontal beams are now supported by the new block wall.
So now it's weatherproof, and darkness returns to the inside. In a week or so when it's all dried and ready the men will be back to apply render over the blockwork.