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24th February 2007
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Flintstone Fred
The tale of our tumbled barn continues. No decision from the insurance yet, (how long does it take??) but whoever pays for it, it does need rebuilding. True to his word, the stonemason's men arrived to start the repairs.
We opened the barn doors for them, then went home for breakfast. By the time we got back most of the wall was down in a pile on the ground, the roof acro-propped up inside.
We think they just pushed it with a long pole, letting gravity do the work. Then they took out the treetrunk that was holding up the roof at this end (eek!) and dismantled the wall down to waist-height on the upper floor.
They cramped boards to the inside and outside of the remaining wall as shuttering. A couple of hours later, that was filled with concrete and left to go off over the weekend.
The wall here is nearly a metre thick!
The piles of rocks and mud have been carted away, we know not where.