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24th February 2007
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Meanwhile, the first signs of Spring appear...
Spring Hopes Eternal
First, you hear the honking. Such a distinctive sound, it can only mean one thing. The cranes are making their bi-annual pilgrimage, hundreds of them, flying fast, circling to gain height then jostling for position in long V formations, flying north for the summer. Their migration is early this year - it was the middle of March last year, but the first wave flew over our house on 13th February - let's hope they really know the cold weather's over for this winter.
The first of the spring bulbs peek out - little irises and miniature daffs in our garden, and elsewhere snowdrops and celandines.
Each day more lambs are spotted in the fields around. They go 'baaa' and I go 'ahhh'.
And a sure sign of spring - the still has arrived! We can only assume this distillation of local fruits into alcoholic beverages is legal, since it's set up each year in plain view by the commune's football field. A large rosy-cheeked group of men can often be seen quality-testing the resulting liquid....!