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24th February 2007
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Out with the old...
Ever since we bought the old place we wanted to refit the shower-room. Back in 2004 we fixed the most urgent task - to get rid of the disgusting pink and yellow flowered 60's chic wallpaper and paint the walls.... but it was only a temporary fix. The day has come to do the job properly.
There were four different kinds of tiles in this small 1.2 by 3.1 metre room - mostly those pink mottled ones popular and cheap but never attractive. And those ugly pipes just had to go!
The shower tray had been set
high to allow for a U-bend underneath, making getting in and out of the shower a hazardous trick. But it was good and solid so Tony carefully chipped away at the base and freed it from its moorings. The new kind of waste fittings allow it to be relaid much lower down.
Next the tiles all came off the walls. As did much of the plaster.... The walls were only partly tiled so to get a nice flat surface for the new floor-to-ceiling tiling, we had to get back to bare blocks. Turns out the garden spade was the best tool for that.....
We should know by now, that these jobs always expand as they go along. The surface of the red blocks was NOTnice and flat, which meant we
needed to either have it plastered or, something we could do ourselves, put up plasterboard.
Bathroom Blitz