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9th January 2007
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Rock 'n' Hole
So with the road cleared of rocks, the electric cables made safe and the warning triangles in place, there was nothing else to do tonight. We all went home, us, to a cold dinner at 10:30pm.
First thing this morning was a call to AGF to tell them to expect a claim on the insurance...
They'll organise an inspector to come out to see the damage. Meanwhile, we contacted the builder who currently has men working on another house in the village, and he promises to come out later today, hopefully to cover the hole with a large tarp to stop rain from washing away any more of the mud that appears to be holding the stones together, then later to rebuild it.
Well, that's never happened to us before...!

The barn's been standing for 180 years, so the farmer says. We wouldn't like to say why it suddenly crashed to earth, but it could have been worse.

At least no-one was hurt.
I might like doing jigsaws, but not on this scale!

After dreaming last night about being in a collapsing building, I will NOT be going in our barn for a while.