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31st December 2006
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Christmas 2006
Christmas in the Limousin.

On Christmas Eve, a meal with friends old and new.
A lazy start to the festive day, then brunch. Open a few presents, then coffee. Watching films on TV, a few more presents, talking to Mums on the phone, opening the fizz early, switching on the fairy lights and ropelights, starting up the Sims Pets, then preparations for Christmas Dinner.
Vegetarian Christmas Dinner

Rocamadour pies - potato & onion with sage and walnuts, topped with little Rocamadour cheeses inside puff-pastry pies made in ramekins. A French recipe found recently, now a regular on our menu.

Accompanied by:
Roast Potatoes and Roast Sweet Potatoes
Roasted Celeriac and Carrots
Yorkshire Puddings
Creamy Mash with Chives
Lashings of Red Wine & Onion Gravy

followed much later by luscious French
dark chocolates, nuts, white chocolate
covered blueberries, more chocolate
and a healthy New Year's Resolution!
A stocking present aeroplane propelled by a rubber catapult flew majestically for a few seconds, before gliding elegantly onto the garage roof. The next breezy day brought it down, where it enjoyed another few seconds of dizzying flight, until it broke. Well, it wouldn't be Christmas without ......
I am a self-confessed jigsaw junkie with more than a touch of obsessiveness.... once started, nothing else gets done (including this epistle)
until the last piece slides into the last hole. This Mike Jupp jigsaw was particularly satisfying, an excellent Christmas presie.
And now it's the last day of 2006. It feels like a year where much was achieved.... the house, the language, living and learning.
2007 is still an unwritten chapter, the storyline not yet determined. I expect there'll be twists and turns, challenges, successes and failures, as always. And hopefully a happy ending, but not yet.

Warm greetings to all the readers of this tale,
Post-launch pose
Christmas unwrapping
******** Happy New Year 2007 ********
Testing to destruction