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16th December 2006
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Instruments of Music
Limoges, Saturday 16th December, we meet up with friends Matt and Mel, young Jacqueline and her brother also-called-Matt, for lunch in a crÍperie. Before dessert Jacqueline and Matt (senior) are handed their surprise - cash to choose their desired musical instrument.
We were there so that Tony could lend his expertise and check out electric guitars for Jacqueline. Two fantastic music shops provided an amazing choice and while none stood out in the first shop, Jacqueline pointed to a beautiful red guitar in the window of the second and said 'That's the one!'.
The assistant set it up with a little amp and went away, Tony immediately turned it up to ear-throbbing volume and started on 'Smoke on the water', at which point I shushed him to reduce it to a bearable
This one matches the outfit, but sadly is out of the price range.
level..... 'But it's a guitar shop!' he said. The assistant rushed back and turned it down.....
She came out with the guitar on her back, the essential amp, a tuner, leads, plectra and the prospect of fame and fortune in the future.
had no
trouble in finding the drum kit he's wished for for years. A spot of negotiation in a mixture of languages and he gets the full kit with upgraded cymbals, even drumsticks (baguettes in French!) and he's a happy boy. We expect great things from you Matt, get practicing!
A thoughtful drummer!