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30th November 2006
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Autumn Colour
I've mentioned before that we live under the migration path of the cranes. You hear them before you see them, honking and jostling for position in their V- format as they head south for the winter. We didn't expect to see them on 30th November though - it shows what a mild autumn we've had. The golds and russets of this tree-filled land are stunning. Can't help looking at our lovely house at every opportunity!
On Saturday 2nd December a singing evening took place in our commune's hall, a happy mix of half French and half English, a great turn-out with a buffet supper where many people brought their contributions to the feast. Two singing groups - a proper choir, mostly French, from nearby Magnac Laval and our local singing group, mostly English - performed a wide selection of traditional songs, Christmas songs and even Tony's first song written in French, which prompted a few raised French eyebrows until it was explained that the song was about the Brits living in France and their comical efforts at the language. Luckily there was a bar in the hall, the atmosphere was jovial and a good time was had by all, even those sober drivers amongst us...
Singing Along
The French Choir..
The English singers