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18th November 2006
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Boxing In Day
One of the last DIY jobs in the new house is to box in the ugly pipes under the washbasin in the loo. You can't rush these's only taken us six months. A while ago we found a door in Castorama, just a door that had been used on display as a sample, sold off for 10 euros because the style's now obsolete. But the size
is just right. Then, rather than buy a cupboard and then have to chop bits out of it to fit around the pipes, we just bought some melamine board and made one up. Sounds easy like that, but of course it's not that simple, we had to cut it round the skirting tiles and the in- and out- pipes, guess, cut, try, guess, cut and try again but eventually it looks pretty good. And provides a hiding place for loo-rolls and cleaning stuff. Job done.
It may be late November, but ever hopeful Tony's planted some 'mache' plants - little lamb's leaf lettuce - for winter salads.
The seeded grass is thickening up nicely - you can almost not see the join!
And the window boxes which have been resplendent with vigorous geraniums all
summer, have been replanted with beautiful little pansies, to brave the weather outside the bedroom window.