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12th November 2006
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A folklore band called 'Lou Rossigno Do Limouzi' played and costumed dancers performed. I've never seen an instrument like this one before, a wind-up harpsichord?
them into the machine, the fruit is crushed and squeezed, the juice runs down the pipe-
line to the yellow vats, where it's decanted into litre bottles and sold - cider nouveau.
We saw an autumn festival advertised, this time in Chamboret, a small town on the road to Limoges. Any excuse for a social gathering, we went along on Sunday.
Chestnuts and beer, crèpes and cheeses, meats and brioches, wines and juices, soups and honey. All sold by the producers. Even boar, if you fancy it... We preferred a chocolate brioche instead.
This one's stuffed!
This one will be!
A lad shovels apples onto the conveyor belt, two chaps push
Boiling chestnuts