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6th November 2006
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La Souterraine
Embedded in the ancient town gate building, a figure with a bird on his shoulder shows its medieval origins. By contrast this seat in the main shopping street looks a little more modern...
It was a nice trip out, with a great salad lunch. It's good to have the time to see somewhere different.
Even I will not get into water below 12 degrees C .... so reluctantly I concede it's time to pack away the pool things and put on the winter cover. It's thicker, heavier and firmly tied down by one long bungee threaded all round. We've had so much pleasure from the pool all summer and already look forward to next year's.
And in Bussière, in the old shop window that's no longer a shop, another batch of kittens has appeared. These four were sound asleep, even the one on the left hanging over the edge of the board over the radiator. Mmm cute!
Back at home, we've closed up the gîte for the winter. Behind the shutters we found this little bat clinging to the wall.
Medieval music makers in the park.