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7th November 2006
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La Souterraine
Taking advantage of yet another beautiful bright autumn day, we went to La Souterraine just because we'd never been there before. It's one of those medieval French towns that's peppered with lovely old buildings, such as this one dating back to the sixteenth century, now hosting an enticing crÍperie (sadly not open today). The huge church is undergoing restoration so 'interdit au public', but facing the church we found this stunning mural. A cheery local (possibly the local guide who just couldn't help himself!) came up to tell us about it - painted by a 28-year-old artist from Toulouse who had painted her name and telephone number at eye level - great advert!
The streetlamp is real, but its pole is painted! The green meter-boxes at the bottom right are real too, but everything else is painted with amazing detail, down to the lace on the edges of the curtains at the painted windows.
The people are all life- sized, as are the cat and the birds it's watching.