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6th November 2006
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Kitchen action
I also put up a row of tiles along the back of the worktop - much easier to keep clean than a painted wall - and while I was at it, filled in the tiny holes in the plasterwork that have annoyed me for six months! The paint gets retouched, the wooden edging strip gets sanded, primed and painted too.
6. Add lovely new veggie rack
7. Et voilą!
5. Grouting
The reason for leaving a gap to the left of the base unit now becomes clear...! An impulse purchase in compensation for not being able to buy a corner cupboard locally, we now have a veggie rack on
wheels, with knife drawer and cutting board on top. It slides neatly under the worktop and gets all those glut vegetables off the work area .... almost.
The last of the peppers (fourteen) and chillies (at least eighty!) have been harvested and are gradually being processed, preserved, frozen and eaten.
The baguette bag finds a new place to hang out, the cookery books resume their post and the job's done. It cost us very little - we had to buy only a couple of melamine boards, some tile cement and new edging strip, but the improvement is huge. It really does give us much more space for preparation.

And I'm sure it won't take us long (or many bruises) to learn to swerve around the corner of the worktop...