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5th November 2006
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Kitchen action
Having lived with it for six months, we decided that for a reasonably large kitchen, over 3 metres square, there was really not enough workspace. We constantly tried to occupy the same space, in the corner between the sink and the hob. So we decided to change the narrow shelf against the half-height wall into a full-sized worktop, with more storage space underneath.
We could have bought another corner base unit, but that would involve a long trip to the nearest Ikea in Bordeaux, or paid for it to be delivered, but the cost of either was ridiculous. Instead, we unscrewed the base unit in the corner, which was
1. As it was. Empty the cupboard...
always a bit inaccessible, and turned it through 90 degrees. Then we moved the even-more-inaccessible tray shelf from the corner to the space to the right of the oven, by inserting a vertical board. We fixed battens to the wall to support the worktop in the corner, all without having to disturb the tiled worktop.
Next the narrow shelf was extended from 30cm wide to 60cm, by adding another board fixed underneath and supported by the base unit. A new piece of wood edging was cut and fitted around the new worktop. Fortunately we had plenty of the tiles left over, and once these were cemented onto the extended worktop board, the join became invisible. Then we added a shelf in the corner and plinths around the base unit.
2. move cupboard & tray shelf
3. extend worktop
4. Add tiles, shelf & plinth