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1st November 2006
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Green Green Grass of Home
The seed was scattered on the 16th of October, now look at it. It's so satisfying to see lawn where once were mud and weeds.
This lowest part (left, foreground) was sown on the 18th, after the stumps were dug up. It's getting there.
Check out this photo - 1st November and still in the pool!
Last week we had a very uncomfortable meeting here with Monsieur Trichard from Maison Provinciale. It's taken 8 months, three letters and an appeal to their governing body, but it looks now like we might get the 518 euros they owe us in penalty for late completion of the house. We await the cheque....
The house is looking great. The frustrations are almost forgotten, the garden almost done for the year, we feel right at home now. It's been quite a journey, but it's so good to step back and admire what we have achieved.