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31st October 2006
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Autumn pleasures
Bellac also contains probably the best boulangerie-patisserie in the world... each masterpiece a visual delight. We sit with coffee and croissants, watching people gâteaux-gazing intensely to make their difficult choice. It's a serious business!
In the market place, these pots of chrysanthemums are ready for All Saints Day, the 1st of November, when families traditionally pay their respects at the graves of their relations passed away. The flowers are very popular for gardens and public spaces too - they're not giving up on the growing season yet.
Meanwhile back at the ranch, we've finished the veggie patches, edged with tree off-cuts, with bark chips in front of the compost bins, all dug over and ready for planting. A pink-flowered hebe gets planted, along with other shrubs and tree saplings. The remaining 64 aubergines are harvested (I kid you not!) and over 200 bulbs are planted for the spring.
The almost-last swim of the year is braved on 29th October.... Tony yelped like a girlie on getting in, but actually as long as the sun's shining, it's still a delight even at 17 degrees.