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30th October 2006
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Les Hirolles
Out on the border of the Vienne and Indre départements is a tiny village called Les Hirolles, its sole purpose to host a monthly market. On the 29th of each month (except when the 29th is a Sunday, then it's the 30th) a massive market sets up early and stays only till midday. Mel, Jacqueline and I left the men behind and happily mooched around till we could carry no more. The animal section is no place for us vegetarians, though.
As well as clothing, shoes, bags, food and all the usual market stalls, here you can buy pretty ducks, fluffy chickens, all kinds of birds, as well as horses and donkeys, riding tackle, farm equipment, well, pretty much anything you want. Pot bellied pig, anyone?
Children come up to stroke the pretty bunnies, but these are destined for the table, poor terrified things. These chickens are not happily posing on the cages - their feet are tied to them.
Cowering for Christmas?