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16th October 2006
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Stumping up
While he was here, we asked him to uproot another stump that'd been here since we bought the place. It'll make mowing the lawns a lot easier, if nothing else.
Job done, the JCB trundled off, and we still don't know how much it'll cost us!
A few backbreaking days later, thanks to the JCB and the rotavator, the whole area to be grassed is done - dug, raked, stomped, raked again, sown and raked again, finishing in the rain for good measure.

But the timing was just right, as it's rained regularly ever since.... after just 3 days the first tiny blades of grass are showing.

What a relief that the job is finished - phew!
Meanwhile, that left us another job - to pick out the bits of splintered wood, make a bonfire, rake out the earth and scatter grass seed to heal the wounds.
Now watch it grow!