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16th October 2006
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Digging it
The area still to be converted from weedy dirt into lovely lawn, we now realise, is vast. So we hired a rotavator, older than Noah but very effective. What would have taken us weeks to dig by hand is turned over in a couple of hours. That's two hours of noisy, heavy, hard work trying to coax it into life then control its wayward direction!

This Monday suddenly turned into a very busy day, with the unannounced arrival of Monsieur Raynaud and a JCB. He'd said back in May he would come to remove the tree stumps "in about 6 weeks". We thought we'd not see him again after asking 3 times for a quote for doing this work (and not receiving one even now). But here he is, and he drives the JCB into the field, fortunately empty of sheep today, and starts gouging out the poplar stumps.
The attachment is a double-sided blade that he swings to and fro, lower each time to shave off chunks of stump and root, down below ground level. Then he uses it to fill the hole with soil and stomp it down flat. His control of the beast is impressive, especially working on the stump just a few centimetres in front of our new arbour....
Mr. Rotavator!