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20th September 2006
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Blazing Inferno
In the market square in front of our local quincaillerie, the circus comes to town. After buying more grass-seed, we watch with sadness the magnificent tiger pacing up and down in its bare dirty cage.
One pitch-dark, moonless night we spotted a huge bonfire at the far side of the field at the back of our place. Then we saw it was a tractor on fire, a massive column of thick dark smoke rising from the blazing tyres. We were about to call the firemen, until we heard non-panicky voices from that direction. Next morning several chaps came to drag away the burned-out wreck. No-one was hurt, and fortunately it was the older one, not the nice new blue tractor that had also been ploughing the field that day.
Tiger in town
And next to that, two of our close relatives, caged, so sad. This can't be right. It's about time France learned to ban animal circuses.
the tiger trailer
A master of disguise, a king of camouflage, can you see this praying mantis in our basil forest?
The contract farmer said to Tony the next day "we have no idea why it caught fire". Insurance was never mentioned...
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