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15th September 2006
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It's been too hot for digging, and too dry for germination, but on a cooler day we re-started sowing lawns. This involved digging over a patch to remove the weeds, raking and levelling, then scattering grass -seed. Stuff certainly grows here, and within a week the brown turns to green fuzz, then seemingly overnight shows a multitude of slender green grassy shoots. After another week or so, it needs mowing!
Then the patch between driveway and the studio. We sprayed the weeds into submission, and had to work hard to break up the spot where concrete had been mixed many times, but it certainly looks better green than brown.
First, the patch between the house and the pool... We ran out of seed so the nearest patch was sown a week or so later.
Sowing...... growing......
We'd been leaving the 7metre wide stretch behind the house so that Monsieur Raynaud could bring in his tractor to remove the poplar stumps. We got fed up waiting though, and wrote to cancel the arrangement. The very next day, he turned up during breakfast, first to try to sell us his house but also to say he'd come "soon, before the rains". We asked twice how much it'd cost us, he just said "not much". Not happy with this blank-cheque approach, we rang his wife to ask for a written quote. Nothing heard since...