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15th August 2006
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A rather nice piano arrives... it had been left by the previous owner in a house being renovated near here, it had to be moved so that the floor beneath it could be tiled, the owner failed to move it after numerous requests, so it's now taken up temporary residence in our clean dry studio, until he asks for it back. hum it, I'll play it!
I'd like to claim this photo of a hoopoe as my own, but it isn't. My snap's below - taken from the bedroom window one morning this week. We've seen at least 6 of these gorgeous birds flying around the fields around us with their haphazard flitting flight, showing a flash of striped black and white back and wings,
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and their fancy headgear fanned out to touch their beaks. The hoopoe is normally found in Europe, Africa and Asia, common in India. I'd never seen one until a few weeks ago in the Limousin, now they're regulars in our garden. Another wildlife wonder.