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5th August 2006
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Wild Things
Living in the country means we share our space with all kinds of wildlife.
One day while walking across the garden, a bright green preying (or is it praying?) mantis alighted on my arm and hitched a ride. Once set down on the long grass, it engaged it's cloaking disguise and disappeared instantly.
Early one morning we watched a family of red-legged partridges, two adults and six fluffy teenage chicks, walking around on the driveway, then startled into low flight over the hedge into the field. This is one of the adults, below.
And how about this beautiful creature?!
garden, and this is as close to her as I entend to get! Although her colours shout "danger! leave well alone" she is apparantly not poisonous. Yeah, right.
Click here for more fascinating details about this spider...
We also have dozens of these fine grasshoppers living in the potato patch. At 10cm long they're mostly invisible until disturbed, when they become miniature bi-planes buzzing off to another plant.
We rescued a beautiful young grouse, wet-feathered and shocked, from the skimmer in the pool. Taken to the bracken at the edge of the field next door, it gradually dried out, stood up, ran and then vanished.
This is one of 5 wasp spiders currently living in our