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23rd July 2006
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The Final Count-up
Way back on page 7 of this epic tale, the projected costs of building the new house were set out before it all began. Now, having received and settled up the final invoice, the actual costs have been totted up.
Removing the trees

To Maison Provinciale for building of the house

Compulsory insurance

Groundworks, including excavation & backfilling for the pool, drainage, landscaping and driveway

The swimming pool, including solar heating and shower

Water supply

Electricity supply

Telephone connection

House fittings including kitchen units, oven, hob, dishwasher, washing machine, light fittings, and 2 sofas.
1,213 euros

111,316 euros

1,220 euros

11,220 euros

18,884 euros

1,246 euros

241 euros

80 euros

11,067 euros
Total: 156,487 euros

At today's exchange rate that's about 108,670
The great advantage of having a building company manage the project is that we knew exactly what the actual building would cost. We were determined to keep any extras to a minimum, in fact there was only one - the addition of an electrical supply for a pump, as part of the drainage system, that we didn't have in the end. That supply was used for the pool pump instead.
Although we had to wait 3 agonizing months to connect into the new village sewerage system, not having to have a septic tank did save us over 3,000 euros. The Mairie has just sent out notices to all homeowners in the village advising them that they have to connect into the new system and fill in or dig out their septic tanks some time in the next 18 months, at their own expense. So it was worth our wait.
In addition to these costs, I should really include the original cost of buying the property....

and the legal fees incurred in transferring the property to our names before building work could begin.....

Which makes a final total of:
56,910 euros

4,000 euros

217,397 euros
That's about 150,970. For a fabulous new house, a guest house, a superb swimming pool, a big garden with fantastic views.

We love it here.
So here it is, the final count-up: