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21st July 2006
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Producers' Market
On alternate Thurdays during the summer, local producers of cheeses, honey, bread, wines, meat, even - ugh - snails set up stalls in the old market square (triangle actually, beside a massive cedar tree). Customers can choose their steak, kebab or sausages from the producers' stalls and have them barbequed while they wait. To go with them are delicious crispy skinny chips, and for dessert crèpes and chunks of Charantais melon. It's like a village picnic, done in style.
The freshly baked organic bread came to market in this lovely and lovingly restored van.
A beer at the bar across the road with Lee & Margaret. Must keep up your liquid intake...
Select your sausage, have it barbequed by this happy chap ......
... and eat at the long tables and benches set up in the centre of the market.
It's a great place to meet people, chat and enjoy your meal in an informal way, basking in evening sunshine.