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5th July 2006
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L’Île d’Oléron
On our second evening there, we discovered a restaurant, actually part of a campsite only 300metres from ours, where we had simple pizzas and skinny chips. The base was made by hand, the tomato sauce was made from real tomatoes, it was excellent food.

In fact we liked it so much we returned the next evening.
These anti-tank poles were in front of a WW2 concrete bunker guarding La Grande Plage.
The laid-back chef made many visits to the pots of herbs growing around the terrace, moments later those herbs arrived adorning your meal. This 'chèvre chaud' grilled goats cheese on french bread croutons and salad jewelled with sweet pepper dice was gorgeous.
On our last day we drove south along the coast, stopping often to see the beach, watch the people, and cool the itchy insect bites on our ankles by paddling.