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5th July 2006
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Lunch at the Crèperie
Roger, Lee, Tony and I enjoyed lunch at the Crèperie in Montmorillon, on the terrace under the shade of the trees by the Old Bridge. Location, food, company, occasion, all 10 out of 10.
Gîte Complete
It was only a matter of time before our potato plants, tomatoes, aubergines and peppers suffered an attack by the dreaded Colorado beetle. It's everywhere including in neighbour Claude's veggie patch, so we weren't surprised to find these little fellers on our morning patrol. These are just the larvae, orange-brown armoured eating machines, but we picked off and squished them before they could grow into the adult stripey breeders. This is war!
Last week we repainted the kitchen in the little house,
making it spick and span and ready for guests. It didn't take long and it looks so much better.
Growing Success
Beetle Mania
We've had to water the plants for the last month, but the rewards are outstanding: lettuces the size of cabbages, swelling green tomatoes, prolific courgettes, loads of basil, tarragon and parsley, among others. Stuff certainly grows here!