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18th June 2006
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Life is a bag of cherries
Work on sprucing up the gîte continues with a makeover of the second bedroom. The ceiling, walls, window and door all get painted, the fittings get a good spring-clean and finally we can construct the second single bed that's waited for two years in it's box in the barn. Transformation.
Our friend Roger owns not only a lovely old French house that he's currently renovating, but also a section of a wood and two fields, coveted by many for their fantastic location. We accepted his kind invitation to take cherries from one of his many trees at the edge of one of these fields, in exchange for a jar or two of the resulting cherry preserve.
We need gateposts; we braved the woodyard in Bussière and picked up two massive heavy chunks of oak, 20cm square and 2 metres long. Our poor car was loaded with one at a time, sticking out the back for the journey home, and they've been dumped alongside the drive, waiting for cooler weather for the holes to be dug....
Cat and Mouse games
At 4:20 a.m. we woke to the cat yowling, followed by scuffling under our bed. Lights on, revealing Jazzie pacing round the room and a traumatised mouse cowering under the bed, still alive but wet with cat-drool. I emptied the wastebin, I found the fly-swatter and by nudging the scared creature with the swatter it obligingly scampered into the bin. I released it out of the French door into the night. Not five minutes later, the blinkin' cat was howling again. She'd dispatched a different mouse, then sat proudly beside it with a look that said 'Just doing my job, ma'am.'
Tiring work, mouse-keeping!