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18th June 2006
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Last Word
A few weeks ago we had a brief return visit from the man from the DDE, who oversee the building works in the Department. He didn't seem to need to inspect the electrics or the construction standards, but was more concerned that the colour of the shutters was not the same as on the Permis de Construire. He had to admit the discrepancy wasn't so important, and as a result we've now received the 'Certificat de Conformité' to add to our file of official documents. It feels like the last word in the building process and is comforting to know we comply with the rules.
Meanwhile the garden grows. Progress is slow - every physical effort results in heat exhaustion and requires another shower and dip in the pool to cool off. We did plant some seed potatoes, thinking it's too late in the season really but anything we get will be a bonus. Within days, up they come!
We bought some more split-log edging and defined the flower-bed in front of the house, now planted with a second lot of lettuces, two penstemons and a pelargonium, sweet peppers, chilli peppers and cucumbers - a right mix of things good to eat and things good to look at.
I'm sure this first lot of lettuces get bigger every time I look at them The tomatoes are shooting up too - look, our first tomato!
Spuds with leaky hose for irrigation.