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12th June 2006
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Now that the nights are warm, we need the window open all night, and we need a bugscreen to keep the blighters out. We found one that can be raised and lowered like a roller blind. It's uPVC so looks right at home fitted to the outside of the window frame.
Vanessa and Heidi, Tony's friends from his time at Carlton TV, came to stay in the gte for a couple of very hot days. A wander around Le Dorat, coffee on the terrace of the Caf de la Poste in front of the Friday market, posing on the wall beside the huge Collegiale 11th century church. The weather was blistering, the subsequent dip in the pool was very welcome.
We moved in a month ago today. That month has passed in a flash, at the same time it feels like we've been living here for ages. We have expanded into the space, it feels right, although we still jab at light-switches until we find the light we want. Although the oven speaks 7 languages, none of them are vegetarian. The oven settings are labelled 'flat meat', 'grilled fish' and 'roast chicken', but not an 'aubergine gratin' among them! I'm getting the hang of it slowly.
The cheery chap from France Telecom turned up as arranged and did his work to disconnect the phone from the gte and connect the cables to the new house. This cost us only 54 euros (and 11 weeks' wait) and meant we could now move the desk and stuff too. Hot and heavy work, but now we really feel we've moved in! All we need now is broadband, for which we have to wait till August, although they weren't definite about which August....
Hot and sunny summer Sunday afternoon, out with the barbeque, into the pool, under the parasols. Matt, Mel, Jacqueline and friend Ally, happy one and all.