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5th June 2006
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Grass... scutter
There's a bright greenish haze in the meadow... the grass seed is valiantly sprouting, despite the bone-dry soil. We've had no rain for about two weeks, since we bought a sprinkler, come to think about it....
After another boring hour vacuum cleaning the pool using the nozzle, pole and hose (manual version) we decided to treat ourselves to an automatic pool cleaner. What a wonderful invention!
It comes with 10 sections of hose that fit together, one end fits into the skimmer where water is sucked out of the pool through the filters and the other end fits onto the top of the little machine. We've called it a scutter, as it scuttles about at the bottom of the pool, vacuuming up all the debris, and resembles those domestic robots of the same name in Red Dwarf! It simply uses the suction of the pool's pump to waddle around in a random pattern. When it meets the wall, it shuffles to one side then off it goes again. Most entertaining!
Jazzie's not quite sure about it yet....
Efficient, simple and cute!
It's a Hayward Pool Vac Ultra from