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5th June 2006
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Guided Tour
Our French teacher Laurent has been teaching English to 3 guides, so they can give a tour of some of the historic buildings in Montmorillon to English visitors. Along with others from his French classes, we went along to their first tour. It was good to hear Laurent correcting their English, just as he corrects our efforts at French! The tour was interesting, the shared conversation in both languages was a free lesson, and the cider and macaroons afterwards a treat.
Also this week, we have repainted the living room and washroom in the gte, using paint left over from the new house. After two winters of smoke from the log-burner, the room certainly needed refreshing. Sparkly clean.
We have now been waiting for 11 weeks for France Telecom to come and disconnect the phone line from the gte and connect it up to the new house.... yes, 11 weeks. The conduit has already been laid, so no digging has to be done. It's just a matter
of threading the cable through the conduit, conven- iently left poking out of the ground at the base of the telegraph pole. Until they do this, the phone, computer, internet access, printer, desk and desk-junk remains in the gte. They deigned to call and arranged the work for next Thursday... just hours before our first guests will arrive to stay in the gte.
Conduit. How hard can it be?
At last it's summer - the top comes off!
Rob came for a few days, mostly to sleep, but he and Tony also recorded another seven master- pieces.
Telegraph pole
Laurent (centre)
The guides