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25th May 2006
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And now we make a start on the garden. Whilst we had a few design ideas, it's not until the digger was done moving earth around and making the driveway that the slopes and curves determine how it will be. We want a path to go barefoot from house to pool, so that came first - digging out and filling with some of the roadstone, letting that settle before we pave it. We made it curvy, as we rarely do straight lines in the garden!
Then we raked out the bare earth in front of the house and scattered grass seed. Today's gentle rain is just what it needs to get started.
Last autumn Tony took a runner from the fig tree across the road, nurtured the twig over the winter and now plants it out, giving it a healthy footing of well-rotted sheep poo, generously brought to us by Julien our local jolly farmer friend in his tractor. He told us it's free, since the sheep give it free.
Next we defined the flower-bed (I undertake to weed only one!) in front of the house, by relocating our split-log edging, then raking and breaking up the sods. Then the satisfying part - planting out our collection of flowers, which suddenly looks meagre in the vast earthy area.