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25th May 2006
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Mum and Moving
Last December when my Mum arranged her visit, we thought we'd have been settled into the new house for ages, but as it turned out we only had a few days to make it ready to receive a visitor. The weather last week wasn't kind, although we did manage a swim and one lazy afternoon basking in sunshine.
David, Win and their trailer helped us move the last heavy furniture down from the barn - the dresser and bookcase. Rescued from their 21 months suffering dust and cobwebs, after an entire can of spray wax and a lot of elbow grease they returned to health and a golden glow.
Actually they never had such care before and they look right at home!
Mum, me and Tony.
More of the books and treasures come out of hiding, now there's somewhere to put them.
Highlights of the week:
  1. A mooch round the market, then lunch at the Crèperie in Montmorillon, under the pollarded plane trees beside the Gartempe river.
  2. Dinner at the Café Français in Le Dorat where Olivier closed the doors to give us exclusive use of the restaurant. He cooked, served, conversed and entertained - a memorable meal.
  3. A walk along the river where we discovered a wild flower never seen before (at least not by us!)
Transformed into a home.