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19th May 2006
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We're In!
Finally, we've moved in, exactly a year since the excavations for the foundations were started.
The earth has been spread out to make lovely undulations, sloping down from the house toward the pool. Now we realise just how much work we have to do, to break up the compacted earth, rake it and seed it to transform it into lawn.
Monsieur Raynaud and his digger were busy all week, he even brought in a chap to finish off the pipework, linking rainwater downpipes into the drains, and by Friday afternoon, they were finished. By Friday evening, we'd moved in our essentials and we slept in the new house for the first time that night, under the full moon.
All that roadstone, 4 or 5 huge lorry-loads, has been dumped in front of the garage all the way out to the road to form the driveway, and in front of the lounge French doors and the front door, where we will lay a terrace, and at the back of the house where we'll be laying another small terrace, after it's all settled. He's left us a pile of roadstone for making a half-metre wide path all round the house, to avoid rain splashing mud onto the render.