Limousin Living
Living and Building a home in the heart of France
7th May 2006
Before he left on Friday afternoon, Monsieur Raynaud laid the pipe up to just 3 metres from the pipes bringing waste water out the back of the house. How tantalising is that?!

We're tempted to rig up a few pipes of our own to join these two up, but we've waiting Such A Long Time, what's another few days?

He backfilled most of the trench and left his Cat napping at the end of the drive awaiting his return on Tuesday.
While waiting, we installed a catflap in the garage door for Jazzie and rediscovered our 'art collection' that's been in bubble-wrap in the barn for nearly two years and hung the favourite pictures on the walls. The house is looking more and more homely, and moving in will only involve carrying toothbrushes and the contents of the fridge from the old house to the new, just about.
Now a space has been cleared at the back of the garage, we set about making the utility area. We've painted all the walls with 'crepi', (textured paint) to change them from breeze-block grey to light-lifting white, a great improvement. Then we laid and grouted some floor tiles that we already had, at the far end of the garage. Tony moved two electric sockets upwards and the water in and out pipes downwards, so that we can fit our spare wall cupboards above the sink.
But Monsieur Raynaud advises us to leave it until next year to lay paving slabs, to allow the earth to settle. This means more waiting to get the garden sorted out, but we know it makes sense. Pity we ordered the slabs last week....
We were hoping to have two terraces, one in front of the lounge French door and front door, and another at the back of the house for breakfasting in early sunshine.