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5th May 2006
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At Last!
One of our many phone calls to Monsieur Raynaud's patient wife revealed he was due here at the end of the week, which we took to mean Friday afternoon, or next week, maybe. To our surprise and great relief he and his digger arrived Thursday about 11am. He says he's so busy he's working 7 days a week, but we've been waiting almost a year since he dug for the foundations, so we think it's our turn.
He's dug a short trench from the gte to the driveway and installed a waste water pipe, now connected to the main pipe. We've asked for this now so that we can replace the old macerator loos with nice new 'proper' loos, without having to dig anything else up.
Then he started on the very deep trench from the regard at the end of the driveway, getting shallower toward the back of the house.
He checked with the Maire and is now going to link all the gutter downpipes into this new drainage pipe so that rainwater will be directed through the village drainage system, rather than into a soakaway at the lowest corner of our property. It doesn't soak away anyway.... it just forms a new stream in the field below us.