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30th April 2006
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Still Waiting
And, no, we have still not been able to move into our new house.

For the last 2 weeks we've been playing telephone ping-pong with Monsieur Raynaud, the 'terrassier'. He made an appointment with us for last Tuesday but failed to turn up. We leave messages but have not yet been able to ask him directly 'when are you coming to finish the work?'. Some pipes were delivered on Friday, which we take to be a sign of his impending arrival, but who knows? To make it habitable, we just need the pipes put in to link the house with the drains at the end of the driveway, although it would be nice to have the backfilling, landscaping and the final surface of the driveway done too.
Easter week saw blue skies and hot sun and thanks to the solar heating, the temperature of the water rose to 21 degrees. What an absolute pleasure it was to get in the pool again - a reminder of a summer's delight still to come.
The wild flowers in verges and woodland are prolific and simply beautiful. From common dandelions and buttercups to violets, wood anemones, cowslips, bluebells, stitchwort and wild orchids.
Making up for lost time, the trees and hedges are just bursting out more every day.
It is unbelievably exasperating.. so close, and yet......
The footbridge links two riverside paths, just a bike-ride from our house.