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19th April 2006
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So, if you came across this little house, on the side of a valley leading down to a wide river, nestled in it's own half-acre garden, surrounded by fields and lanes... and you found it was for sale for a very low price, wouldn't you feel the need to snap it up before someone else did? Well, we wanted to, but this was a year ago when we were involved in building our own house, so we told my brother Mike all about it. We sent him photos, we described it in detail, and he and his partner Mo decided to buy it. And they did - without even having seen it! I went through the legal process on their behalf and by June last year it was theirs. In July they came over from the UK to see it for the first time. It was a nervous moment when they first drove up and came through the gates....what if they're disappointed? What if they hate it? Fortunately, they loved it!
This has become their French get- away-from-it-all holiday home, perhaps in the future their full-time home, who knows.
But first, it's their renovation project. The structure is sound, but it's tiny - just two rooms and a workshop, with a water supply but no electricity and no drainage. The only loo is at the bottom of the garden, now colonized by assorted wildlife and unusable by all but the sturdiest (or most desperate) people.
Inside the workshop, the previous owner had left all sorts of junk, requiring many trips to the local tip.
The window is tiny, the floor is concrete, the walls are bare blocks and there's no ceiling under the roof trusses and tiles. In one of the 2 rooms a rudimentary kitchen provided a sink and gas hob (without gas bottle) in one corner. The other room has a tiled floor, white-painted walls and both have a wood panelled ceiling. All furnished in the 60s French chic style......!
It's a mystery where this loo empties to, probably best not to ask....
Mike & Mo's Place