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18th April 2006
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Good Friday Roadworks
On Thursday, on our way to Limoges to buy curtain fabric, we called in at the Mairie's. Simer had said they'd give us a connection to the drainage this week, but there's been no sign of them. So we asked Dominique to call them to find out if and when. We called in again on our way home, she said 'demain matin!' - what? Public holiday Good Friday tomorrow morning? Apparently so!
First thing on Friday, a lorry dumps a load of gravel and sand on the end of our driveway-to-be.
Then they dig a hole on the opposite verge and a trench across the road, going down at least a metre, but leaving the rainwater gutter intact, somehow.
By co-incidence the house across the road is having a new roof, and their cherrypicker had to take up half the road...... while Simer's digger and truck, cones and roadworks filled the other half, creating a chicane for passing traffic.
All for this! at the end of our drive, a regard for the waste water pipes. Now, all we need is one more pipe from here
to the
After fitting the new pipe in the trench, they refilled with sand and gravel. Having run out of sand and gravel, they left the trench open on our half of the road with just a few cones around it, then disappeared (for Easter? Eeeek!) But they did come back with more, and finished the job.