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9th April 2006
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About 27 years ago, we made a bed from a Readers' Digest book of DIY projects. It's been dismantled into planks and reassembled in another house many, many times, and about as comfortable as any bed we've ever slept on. But now we're taking our new, Ikea Ekeberg, favourite bed from the gte, and replacing it with our trusty homemade bed.
First the bed is carried from the gte in parts, and a few bolts later is reassembled in the new bedroom. And tried out, to make sure it still works.
Then the pile of planks is retrieved from the barn, dusted off and screwed together again, reunited with the mattress et voila! Now if we do have to accommodate guests at Easter, at least we all have somewhere to sleep.
The fridge/freezer is moved in - it looked huge in the smaller gte kitchen, but is in proportion in the corner of the new one.
The unpacking continues, finding all sorts of treasures we'd forgotten about, such as the glass clock, now hung by the fridge.