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2nd April 2006
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Shower Doors
Theoretically the shower could be used without doors, but we thought of water splashing everywhere, and constantly having wet loo-paper.... so we decided to install a door and side panel to confine the water.
We had them made to order back in February, to fit the corner already tiled up to the ceiling, supposedly 90cm square. At 895 euros the doors qualify as a luxury. At that price, it would have been most useful to have some measurements in the instructions, to know how far from the corner to place the bracket.... Unnecessary guesswork.
The 6mm-thick glass is etched with a mosaic design and the door closes onto magnets with a satisfying clunk.. Classy, what?
Tony also had to drill holes in the U-shaped brackets, mark and drill the tiles and stick the brackets to the wall.
There's a squirt of sticky silicone between tile and bracket, then it's fixed by screws.
Then the assembled door fits over the bracket and gets screwed to it. The same kind of bracket is screwed to the other wall to take the side panel.
The panel slides onto the bracket, then a curved bracket holds the panel to the wall (and provides somewhere to hang the shower gel...)
By the end of the day, with some adjusting, lugging heavy 6mm-thick glass panels about and trying to fit things square into a tiled area not quite square, it's finished.
No trip-strip... simple and elegant.