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24th March 2006
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Furniture and Fittings
The cream corduroy covered sofas are new, the tv is temporary, the dining table & chairs have been brought down from our barn, dusted off and polished.
We bought some natty pole fittings and made a coat rail with shelf above, by the front door.
And added a vertical pole to support the great weight in the wardrobe. Quality job!
Heartily sick of struggling up a metre to get in, we've rigged up some temporary steps - that's better.

News from the Mairie: the permit for digging up the road arrived yesterday, but Simer, the company making the mains drainage system, can't (won't) make our connection for another 3 weeks.
We are seriously fed up with this inefficient inconsiderate attitude, but what can we do?
Put up pictures, then play!
Two mirrors, one more step forward.