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5th March 2006
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Now we can start on making a kitchen.
The flatpack units have been stored in our barn for months - now comes the good bit.
This is the design I did about a year ago, on Ikea's kitchen planner - it's marvellous what you can do on the internet!
First we moved out the sink that came with the house out into the garage. We're getting well practiced at putting together the Ikea units - what a team! Starting in the corner, it doesn't take long to put the boxes together.
Fridge/ freezer
Dish washer
Hob ->
Oven ->
Unfortunately, in spite of providing the kitchen design to the electrician, 4 of the sockets are in the wrong place. A little re-location had to be done before the units could be fixed into place.
Mmm, new dish washer
Biscuit break