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5th March 2006
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Ceiling needs painting
The ceiling is high, the walls are vast, but now, finally, they are all painted. Even the highest part of the vaulted ceiling could be reached from the floor with the roller on a pole, but someone had to get up there for the cutting in.. me! This won't get another coat for a very long time!
We seem to have been painting for ever, we're glad it's done, but it has transformed the place from a building to a home.
Meanwhile, we've had so much rain in the last week, the Gartempe's burst it's banks, new streams and waterfalls have formed, and the moat deepens around our house. Then on Saturday night we drive back from the restaurant in a blizzard and overnight 5cm of snow falls.
Lee and Margaret, here just for the weekend, come out to play...!
Within a couple of hours the sun's heat has turned this pretty snowy landscape into sodden squidgy wetland. Never a dull moment here under the Limousin weather!
Spring lies waiting.
Never too old!